Identify a social, environmental or individual problem,
and solve it with a brave business idea.

What is the challenge?

You will be split into groups and tasked with identifying a problem. That problem might be one that our society or environment faces, it might be a problem that you, as a an individual face, it can even be as simple as a day to day inconvenience. Your team will work together with guidance from a business coach to outline a solution. Using a lean business strategy, you will work through forming a business that will solve that problem and then sell it to the Dragons Den at the end of the week. 

What is the dragons Den?

On the fifth day, your team will present your business concept to the Dragons Den. The Dragons Den are made up of real business people, with fake money, ready and waiting to invest in your business idea.

Your team will have 15 minutes to pitch the idea to the Dragons Den and 10 minutes to answer questions.

Once all teams have been presented, the Dragons Den will collaborate and chose the winning and runner-up teams.

Feedback will be given to the teams.