Code of Conduct 


  • Normal standards of good behaviour and courtesy are expected from students during New Zealand Business Week.
  • Strict adherence to silence after lights-out is required because of the heavy daily schedule. The exact time of lights-out will be conveyed by the Chairperson daily, and is usually around 11pm.
  • Students travelling by car are required to hand their keys in at registration on arrival. Keys will be returned at the end of the week.
  • Participants require permission from the Chairperson to leave the school and hostel grounds at any time during the week of the NZBW programme.
  • Smoking, alcohol, drugs or theft are not tolerated.
  • During the week you are under the authority of the Host School and the NZBW Chairperson.
  • While the organisers will provide adequate supervision and make every effort to ensure the well-being of participants, students are reminded that they attend at their own risk.
  • Students agree to follow all instructions given by NZBW organisers whilst undertaking sports activities and accept responsibility for any actions which may lead to injury.
  • Students agree to participate in all sports or other physical activities organised by NZBW.
  • Students are required to notify the organisers in writing of any special dietary requirements or medical condition that needs monitoring.