Frequently Asked Questions 

How many students and schools will be in attendance?
Approximately 50 students from high schools throughout New Zealand.

What is the proportion of male to female students?
Ideally, we try to achieve an equal number of males and females on each programme.

Where is NZBW held?
In Palmerston North, the students will be using the classrooms and other facilities at Palmerston North Boys High School (

Where will the students be sleeping?
The students will be using the residential facilities at College House, North Street, Palmerston. Male and female dormitories will be well separated. PNBHS security will operate at all times.

Will they be supervised?
Staff members along with many volunteers will be supervising the students for the entire length of the programme. It is mandatory that all students are present for all activities and students are not permitted off school grounds (Refer Code of Conduct).

Who are the business advisers and volunteers?
Business men and women, graduates and undergraduates from the local business and academic community have volunteered their time to act as business advisers and volunteers.

How will the students be transported between the various activities?
Most activities are on-site at Palmerston North Boys High School. Buses will be transporting the students as necessary. Private motor vehicles will not be necessary and students will accordingly be required to lodge their car keys at registration when they arrive.

What if a student needs medical attention?
We will have medical and emergency information on record for each student. If students require medical attention, their parents will be notified and they will be taken care of by the staff. If further medical attention is required, the student will be taken to the hospital.

Will meals be provided?
All meals will be provided (no-one has ever complained about a shortage of food!).

What do the students need to bring with them?
Students will be provided with a list of suggested items to bring - bring plenty of warm clothes and bedding. Dress is casual except for the Sunday evening meal where a tie and smart trousers should be worn. Click here for a list of things to bring.

Can students drive themselves to the program?
Students may drive to the host school on Sunday. The staff will keep their car keys until their departure on Friday.

How much does it cost?
The total cost of the programme is $550, which is inclusive of accommodation, food, social activities, materials and of course GST!. The cost of travel to and from Palmerston North will need to be added to this cost.

How can parents get in touch with children?
An emergency phone number will be provided. Public phones will be available for students' use.